Easy HUD: Not Just For Government Forms

Easy HUD automates real estate practices to allow agents and other professionals to focus on sales rather than paperwork. Although you may think the software is meant to only simplify the process of completing the HUD settlement statement form, the optional Real Estate Documents module lets you also produce hundreds of other documents too.

HUD 1 closing documents are not fun to fill out. They are long and tedious and can put even your average accountant to sleep. We automate the process so you have to enter only key information and let the software do the work of putting the right numbers in the right places, making sure everything adds up correctly, and producing a complete, accurate and professional-looking form.

Not to sound like a late night infomercial but wait! There’s more! The Real Estate Documents module turns this HUD settlement statement software into the comprehensive document production tool every real estate office needs.

Do you handle clients looking to rent properties? Quickly print off commercial and residential leases, rental agreements, subleases and personal guaranties. Do you focus on commercial clients? It includes documents for corporate sales and transfers.

Even if you handle just general home sales, purchases and refinances you know that HUD forms aren’t the only documents you produce. Easily generate letters about closing dates, surveyor payments, second mortgage payoffs and more. All documents pull client information from the same database as the HUD forms so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing mistakes like spelling a client’s name differently on each document.

A lot of modern real estate correspondence is digital and we’ve got you covered there as well. Any of our real estate documents can be saved as PDF or RTF files for easy transmission to clients, government offices or other recipients. If you use the cloud version of the software, you can generate documents from any location and any computer, emailing the electronic version immediately or waiting to print it out when you get back to the office.

Document generation is just one of the features included in Easy HUD. Find out more about our real estate application or any of our legal practice management software products by downloading a free demo today.

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