Centralized Case Data to Speed Up Closing and HUD 1 Statement Processing

Real estate transactions involve a lot of lot of paperwork and, not surprisingly, computers can help speed up that process. However rather than just giving you a faster way to produce a HUD-1 settlement statement, Easy HUD gives you a better, more intuitive way to enter the case data.

Filling Out The HUD Closing Statement Directly

Maybe you are used to completing HUD paperwork. Your brain works the same way the HUD-1 works. In that case, you have the option of filling in information on a screen designed to resemble the form itself. You start at the top with borrower, seller and lender names and continue down the page to fill in purchase cost, property taxes, and loan amounts. Along the way we even help you by doing the math, giving you access to all the tax tables you need, and making it easy to mark which amounts have been pre-disbursed by the lender.

However the HUD form is not logical, at least not to someone who hasn’t already completed a hundred or so of them. You end up jumping from subject to subject and it is easy to get confused about which figured goes where. Don’t you wish there was a more intuitive way?

Using The Case Data Page

Doesn’t it make more sense to enter all the information on the buyer in one place, all the information on the seller in another, and so on? We think so. That is why Easysoft Legal Software’s HUD settlement statement software includes a case data section for easy data entry. The software automatically transfers the information to the HUD form so you don’t have to wrestle with it. Enter the info, check the form before printing it out, and you are done. This method will probably take you less time than filling out the form directly.

You can even use a mixture of both. Enter some information on the case data tab, and then move to the form to fill in the spaces that are still empty. Each real estate professional will find a preferred method of doing it, and whatever works for you is the best way to do it.

This kind of flexibility is a hallmark of Easysoft Legal Software’s law practice management software. Our products are designed with real estate and legal professionals in mind, helping you succeed in your industry. Contact us for more information on any of our products.

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