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You have divorce clients in New Jersey and New York.

We have the three software products that will make your life easier.

When you work on a NJ divorce, you need our Case Information Statement and Family Law Software.  Our program includes a 20-page Case Information Sheet for your client to complete, which you can import into the program.  The same data populates all forms, so that you are print-and-go ready.  All forms can be customized, and can be e-mailed to clients as .pdf or Word documents.

Our Child Support for NY includes forms you will need for New York divorce cases, like the Statement of Net Worth.  Use it for a New York state uncontested divorce or a highly disputed child support for NY clients.  New York utilizes child support and alimony formulas that are different from New Jersey.  Using two, specialized programs will help you to keep the math straight.

For both NJ and NY divorces, add ‘Divorce Financials’ to your trio of programs, and you’ll gain powerful tools to achieve your client’s divorce settlement goals for support and equitable distribution.  Our software allows you to generate divorce settlement worksheets to analyze potential outcomes before they happen, so that you can frame your arguments and negotiations to your client’s advantage.

When you put these tools together, you can work for clients in NJ and NY and feel confident that you are meeting the different requirements of each state.  Some elements will be the same, such as federal income tax rules around the taxability of alimony, conditions for termination of alimony, and rules on recapture.  But each state then has its own tax tables, its own child support formula, and, now New York even has an alimony formula.

With divorce financial software as your lynchpin, you can prepare tax-optimized settlements, relative to support and relative to assets and liabilities.  You can even compute pension valuations and alimony buy-outs.  And, if you’re looking at yet another self-employment case where the income tax returns don’t seem to line up to that Bentley Azure T in the garage, you can even use our divorce settlement software to prepare a lifestyle analysis.

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