Are You Ready For A New Kind Of Home Buyer?

On December 1, Zillow published their forecast for the 2015 housing market. They say that skyrocketing rents will make home ownership more attractive than it has been in recent years, that there will be a surge in the construction of more affordable homes, and that for the first time Millennials will outpace Gen-Xers as the largest group of home buyers. The latter prediction is one reason you should be using HUD 1 software like Easy HUD.

Millennials Love Technology

Our experience has been that Gen-Xers may like their technology but Millennials insist on it. The generation that is moving away from newspapers in favor of online news on their tablets, away from cash in favor of payment apps, and away from physical media in favor of streaming movies and music doesn’t have much patience for the traditional way of doing things.

A real estate professional who clings to inefficient, outdated methods is going to come across as hopelessly out of touch to a new generation of technophiles. Completing a paper HUD settlement statement by hand would be like touring houses from your horse and buggy. You might as well pull out your quill pen to fill out the paperwork. Embracing new technology is going to become a necessity to attract a new breed of home buyer.

You Love Technology (Or You Will After Using Easy HUD)

The thing is that using Easy HUD rather than filling out paper closing forms isn’t just something you do to impress the kids. You do it because it streamlines your practice and allows you to close faster. Your client is happy because less time is wasted on bureaucratic tasks and you love it because you can handle more transactions than you could using old, manual methods.

That isn’t all. Additional modules turn Easy HUD into a comprehensive real estate tool that produces accurate and professional-looking correspondence, simplifies keeping a transaction ledger, and makes 1099-S filing as easy as clicking a button. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it for so long.

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