Organizational Tools So You Can Close Faster

Organizational Tools So You Can Close Faster

Real estate closing is a long and detailed process that involves more than just filling out the HUD-1 form. A typical transaction can generate stacks of correspondence, contracts, invoices and other forms. Full-featured real estate title software like Easy HUD should offer tools you need to automate and streamline this aspect of closing as well.

Documentation Is Hard — If You Do It Wrong
During a closing you need to send letters regarding tax payments, closing date notifications, and mortgage payoffs. Many transactions require legal documents like driveway easements or condominium contracts. Corporate sales need additional documentation such as corporate sales resolutions. In some cases you might even have to generate a power of attorney or other specialized document.

Nowadays everyone has a word processor to produce these documents. It’s even possible to find templates online that give you professional looking results. However is that the best result? The documents aren’t linked to the case file and could be lost. You have to manually enter the information on the buyers, seller, property and so on. If you make a mistake, especially on a legal document such as a contract, then it could invalidate the whole sale.

Documentation Is Easy — If You Do It Right
A better option is to use HUD preparation software with integrated document generation — software like Easy HUD. The Real Estate Documents Module provides over 200 real estate forms used in closings. You don’t have to find templates; they are already included in the software. You can find letters, contracts, cut-and-paste clauses to be used in other contracts, retainer agreements and more.

If you don’t like our documents, then that’s no problem. You can customize all included forms as you wish. You can change wording, pre-populate forms with common information such as your firm’s name and address, add a logo, or make other modifications. You can even create your own documents and automate them like the included forms.

Automated Documents Means Faster Closing
That is the real benefit of using Easy HUD to generate these documents: automation. Since the capability is integrated into the software, the documents automatically pull data from the case file. You don’t have to laboriously type in the name and address of the buyer on document after document. All you have to do is pull up the document and Easy HUD automatically fills in the blanks.

Automation also makes it easier to produce accurate forms. Since the information is pulled from the case file, you know the information is correct. Even a small mistake can delay a closing, maybe even giving a buyer time to decide on another property. Fast, accurate documentation greatly streamlines the closing process, and improves your firm’s efficiency and profitability.

Real Estate Documents is just one of the optional modules you can purchase to turn Easy HUD into a comprehensive real estate closing program. Find out more about Easy HUD and how it can simplify your real estate practice.

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