CIS AutoFill For Fast And Easy Data Collection
In New Jersey Divorces

CIS AutoFill For Fast And Easy Data Collection In New Jersey Divorces

If you want to negotiate from a position of strength and get your client the fairest possible divorce settlement, you need all the data about the couple's finances. Getting that information from the client has always been a difficult task. New technology such as Easysoft Legal Software's CIS AutoFill secure web portal works with CIS, our NJ matrimonial software, to save you time and give you complete information.

Information Is Power In Negotiations
Have you ever been negotiating a divorce settlement when suddenly the opposing attorney mentions some asset or liability you knew nothing about? The proposals you've worked up are now worthless because somewhere along the line an important piece of information got omitted. You may look foolish, but your client is the one who suffers.

It comes down to the Case Information Statement NJ divorce negotiations depend on. If your CIS isn't complete then you can't come up with realistic settlements. Meanwhile the other attorney, who had all the data, can present seemingly reasonable offers. You haven't had have time to analyze the implications of these deals so it is hard for you to advise your client. An impatient spouse might jump on an offer that turns out later to be a bad one.

Intake Interviews Are Tedious
You depend on your client to provide information on the couple's assets, liabilities, income and expenses. You don't have time to hold the client's hand so you probably provide a badly photocopied form to be completed at the client's convenience. You advise the client that complete information is critical, and then hope for the best.

The client returns the forms and then the real work begins. You pore over the scribbles on the document, trying to see past the coffee stains and make sense of the numbers that are there. You put the information into a spreadsheet or even into analysis software like CIS, hoping you don't make a mistake, and then start your scrutiny. It's a lot of work. If only there was another way.

CIS AutoFill Is Quick And Easy
All of Easysoft Legal Software's CIS clients have access to CIS AutoFill, our secure web portal designed specifically to work with our CIS software. You create an account for the client who can then fill out the online forms from anywhere: work, home, an accountant's office and so on. When the client is done, an encrypted file is mailed to you. You import the information directly into CIS so you don't have to worry about data entry errors. It takes literally a minute of your time.

Security was our number one priority when designing CIS AutoFill. The portal uses the same SSL Socket technology used by major banks so nobody can eavesdrop on the client when information is being entered. The file emailed to you is encrypted and will be gibberish to anyone other than an authorized user. Old accounts are automatically closed after one year and the data is deleted so there is no danger of hackers getting into it later.

CIS AutoFill is just one way CIS NJ family law software saves you time and money when handling divorces.

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