Customizable Forms For Faster New Jersey
Divorce Handling

Easysoft Legal Software's CIS is designed specifically to help New Jersey family law attorneys handle the paperwork associated with divorce. What's even better is these forms automatically pull information from the case file so you don't have to fill them in, and you know they will be accurate. However the software does more than handle the CIS statement NJ divorces required. The built-in form editor makes it easy to customize the forms to your needs.

Updated Forms - From time to time New Jersey updates the forms required for divorce. Do you want to be stuck with an outdated document? Easysoft Legal Software automatically updates our CIS software as necessary so you will have the current version of any New Jersey divorce forms.

Edit Documents - CIS generates other forms you might need, such as a client intake form or an advising spouse letter. Tailor these documents to fit the needs of your firm rather than trying to fit your firm to some predefined document.

Create Documents - We try to provide a full set of documents needed by New Jersey family law attorneys but we can't think of everything. Create your own forms, correspondence, affidavits and other items with the built-in editor. Even the forms you create can be tied to case file information so you have the same automatic completion you get with the included documents.

Pre-Complete Forms - Save time by saving forms with common information already filled in. You can keep the original, blank copy as well as a separate version that has key fields completed. Load the latter for most cases while using the former for exceptions to your normal procedures.

Email From CIS - There is no need to print the form and mail it, or save it and email from a third-party program. Email the form as a PDF document or Word file right from within CIS. Of course you still can save forms for your own records, or email it if you need to add an attachment or other information. However in most cases all you need to do is click Email, fill in the client's address and you are done.

Customizable forms is just one of the many features that makes CIS the #1 NJ divorce software, used by over 1500 law firms, schools and other agencies.

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