Shortening The Real Estate Learning Curve

Shortening The Real Estate Learning Curve

The real estate business might seem pretty simple from the outside. You show some houses, sign some papers, and make some money. The reality is a bit more complicated, particularly the HUD-1 settlement. This form, necessary for nearly all property sales and refinances, can be confusing even to experienced professionals.

Understanding The HUD Form
The first time you fill out a HUD form, you might long for something easier -- like doing your taxes! Trying to figure out which numbers go where, how to calculated property taxes, and what additional forms need to be filed can give you a migraine. It gets easier after you've done it a few times, but most real estate professionals dread filling out HUD paperwork.

In addition, real estate professionals now have to complete the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) before completing the HUD. This estimation of fees is important but again you are faced with another form, another set of confusing rules about what goes where, and another set of penalties if you fill it out wrong. It's enough to make you think about changing careers to something easy like brain surgery.

Easy HUD Takes On Some Of Your Burden
Easy HUD real estate closing software is a great boon to today's real estate industry. Let the software do the work. You still need to provide the information, but Easy HUD makes it easy to produce an accurate and complete HUD form as well as hundreds of other closing forms. Our customers report as much as 70% faster closings when using the software -- and probably 70% fewer headaches as well! Additional modules let you produce a closing ledger, file 1099-S forms, and access advanced printing options.

We have designed Easy HUD to be, well, easy. It's right in the name! However even intuitive software still has a bit of a learning curve. Yes you can produce your first HUD form minutes after starting the program the first time, but that doesn't mean you know all the software's ins and outs.

Free Training Materials
You can't get an answer if you don't even know there is a question. You might not realize how many things you can do with our HUD settlement statement software, which is why we offer a library of training videos. Here you can find everything from a basic overview of the software to specialized lessons on tax proration and 1099-S preparation.

In addition we offer free webinars twice a month. Learn about recent changes to the software or to the law and how they affect your practice. Discover tips about how to get the most from the software. Ask our experts questions about how Easy HUD can address your individual issues and concerns.

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