Title Closing Software for Real Estate Attorneys

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Importance of Software for Real Estate Lawyers

The use of repetitive data on each document within specific legal files can create inefficiencies and errors. Software and technology that provide automation for data, including calculations, can result in less time and frustration. Software designed for specific areas of law are available and can prove to be the most helpful. Software for real estate lawyers who conduct closings can reduce the time spent per file substantially.

With features like e-filing, title search integrations, tax proration, and an interactive ledger, software designed for real estate lawyers, can provide firms with everything they need to streamline their closings.

Title search and other features within Easysoft, a trusted software for real estate attorneys, provide full compliance with the latest standards and requirements. Easysoft’s real estate solution integrates access to InfoTrack, a title search service, and other products and closing features with your subscription.

Close faster with a fully integrated closing software package that makes sure your real estate law practice is 100% compliant and your closings are completed quickly, smoothly, and effortlessly. Products in this real estate closing platform include: Closing Disclosure, HUD forms, Real Estate Documents and more.

Easysoft’s Closing Disclosure Form (CD) – TRID Compliant Mortgage Closing Software for Real Estate Lawyers

In 2015, the TILA–RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) reporting requirements went into effect. The four forms previously used for opening and closing a loan have been replaced by two forms; one to be used at the beginning of the loan and one for when the loan closes. 

Easysoft’s Closing Disclosure Form is part of our fully TRID-compliant real estate closing software for legal professionals. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to enter all the information you need once, and then the automation software enters the data into the correct places across all the forms and documents. Easysoft’s closing solution is the ideal software for real estate attorneys because it is specifically designed for law firms. It features a comprehensive interface, allowing closing agents and lawyers to quickly and accurately collect the necessary information.

Easysoft’s Closing Disclosure Form is a must-have software for real estate lawyers, ensuring TRID compliance. Real estate law firms can rest assured that their closing documents will be in accordance with all federal regulations. The intuitive design of Easysoft’s settlement software makes it simple to fill out. After inputting the relevant information, it follows up by auto-populating the figures into the correct places on all the necessary forms. There's no need for practices to stress when utilizing Easysoft’s legal closing software, its streamlined process ensures compliance and accuracy for real estate lawyers every time.

Stay Up to Date with Easysoft’s Closing Disclosure Form and Real Estate Title Software for Lawyers:

The Closing Disclosure Form has replaced the Truth in Lending Statement and the HUD-1 settlement sheet for residential closings that involve a lending instrument. It must be provided three business days before closing a loan.

The current Closing Disclosure delivery schedule is set by the built-in task list feature of Easysoft’s real estate lawyer software and will simplify creating a new workflow that keeps all associated jobs related to each closing on schedule. This includes the assurance that you are sending out the Closing Disclosure form for consumers to receive it within the required timeline.

You’ll still get all the same great features needed for your closings. Not only will you be fully TRID compliant with the new Closing Disclosure features, but you’ll also have access to all of the great features that you already know and trust from previous versions of Easysoft, including:

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Easysoft’s Closing Disclosure Form

Fully compliant with the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) reporting requirements, Easysoft’s CD application and calculation tool provides an easy-to-use interface to complete the Closing Disclosure form. Simply enter the required information, and Easysoft’s real estate lawyer closing software helps complete the forms for easier, errorless documents.

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Easysoft’s HUD Feature

HUD forms are still included for cash and commercial closings with an automated and balanced ledger and an electronic 1099-S filing service to easily prepare 1099-S filings and exemption forms. There are specific instances when Easysoft’s HUD application can still be used, even though real estate laws have changed for real estate closings.

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Real Estate Documents

Many commonly needed real estate documents are included to simplify the closing process with centralized data entry, form automations, and reliable accuracy on your closing forms. Within our software for real estate attorneys, your firm can choose from the library of forms and documents, including common federal and some state-specific forms.

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Interactive Ledger

Increase productivity and balance your ledgers, split and print checks, and export figures and transactions to your bookkeeping software with Easysoft’s real estate ledger module. The ability to split and combine checks, print and view transaction summaries, and modify transactions when changes occur make this feature an important tool for law firms to minimize errors.

Real Estate Closing Software for Attorneys Improves Firm Efficiency

For real estate practices, having software designed for real estate lawyers that is fully integrated and compliant with regulations is essential. Simplify your settlement closing process with an automation software package that streamlines your workflow for efficient closings.

With Easysoft’s Closing Disclosure Form, HUD forms, Real Estate Documents, Ledger Module and many other features, you can ensure each closing is done quickly, smoothly, and effortlessly so your real estate legal practice stays 100% compliant. Make sure your law firm has the latest software made for real estate lawyers from Easysoft USA to make the process fast and, of course, easy.

Why Choose Easysoft‘s Solution for Real Estate Attorneys?

Easysoft USA is a trusted and reliable closing software solution for real estate ls across the United States. With our intuitive system, we provide an easy-to-use platform that streamlines the process for closing offices and law firms, making closing transactions more efficient and secure than ever.

The platform features a variety of innovative tools in addition to the updates above, such as accurate and automated calculations, eSign capabilities, and automated document uploads that enable closing professionals to complete transactions quickly and accurately every time. Not only does Easysoft offer unparalleled convenience, but it also provides the added peace of mind with TRID compliance and electronic closing documents.

By choosing Easysoft USA as their closing software solution, real estate attorneys and practices can rest assured knowing their businesses are safe from legal risks and are operating at optimum efficiency. Ready to simplify your real estate law practice? Explore Easysoft USA's software for real estate lawyers now with our 7-day trial!