Working Child Support Magic with NJ Matrimonial Software

There have been a number of efforts across this country to reduce child support calculations to simple equations. However not all family situations can be so easily quantified. NJ CIS, Easysoft’s dedicated NJ divorce software, gives family law attorneys in the Garden State the opportunity to create a variety of specialized scenarios to create a support situation that is fairest to the children. Here are a few examples.

Different Parenting Schedules – Billy spends weekends at Dad’s house. Tommy has a paper route so doesn’t always have weekends free. Sally has friends in that part of the city so sometimes wants to spend extra nights at Dad’s. Each child spends a different number of overnights in the non-custodial parent’s house, so how do you figure out the right support? Our Case Information Statement software makes it easy to enter the number of overnights for each child. The numbers are averaged to find the value entered on the CIS.

Who Is The Custodian? – Sometimes the number of overnights is the same or nearly the same for each parent. So who is the custodial parent? The answer to that question will have profound effects not only on child support values but on each parent’s tax situation. With the click of a button CIS can swap the custodial and non-custodial parent so attorneys can see which situation will be most advantageous to the family.

Children Grow Up – As children age their needs and expenses change. In other words, older children are more expensive than younger ones. The calculated child rearing costs are averages, which is appropriate if the children are young since it evens out over time. Regarding the Case Information Statement, NJ law says that child support should be adjusted upwards if the children are 12 or older at the time of divorce to determine a more realistic support amount. Although this is recommended, it is not a requirement and attorneys might want to consider both age-adjusted and non-adjusted settlement calculations.

Easysoft’s CIS software is not simply an easy way to fill out a government form. Like our other attorney practice management software, CIS contains a variety of tools designed to streamline your legal practice. Try the product risk-free for 30 days to judge its value for yourself.

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