Winning an Attorney Fee Award through Strategic Law Firm Billing Software

Attorney’s fees and costs are bantered about in nearly every divorce case.  The non-monied spouse thinks the monied spouse should pay.  The spouse left in the house claims the spouse who left is meant to pay.  And the lawyers bill over who should pay what to which lawyer.

Have you ever stopped to consider that a successful claim for an attorney fee award starts the moment your client first contacts your law firm?

The first entry into your law office billing software is the beginning of the business records you will provide to the court as evidence of the professional services rendered, the expenses remitted, and the reasonableness of your fees.  The time to think about your client’s attorney’s fee claim is not when you’re conducting trial; it’s when you receive the request to schedule the initial consultation.

Easysoft’s Easy TimeBill is the attorney billing software you need to document and present a winning attorney’s fee claim.

When you use our legal billing software, you use an automated system that clearly asks you to fill in essential billing information every time you work on a case.  Using legal billing software means that you will repetitively see the same screen for a new billing or expense entry and you will quickly master the data you need to input to complete your billing entry.

Each month, you can prepare invoices to send out to each client.  Our law firm billing software compiles invoices with all the time and expense entries from all billers on a file, sorting them by case and then by date.

When you are ready to submit your request for counsel fees, just use our attorney billing software to reprint a complete set of the invoices.  The invoices will show the judge the work you have handled to date, any advance retainer deposit, charges against the advance deposit, and any outstanding balance.  You can also us our attorney billing software to print a ledger chart for the client’s deposit and any overdue balance.

When you are ready for trial, you can readily provide testimony about your use of our lawyer billing software, the business practice of the firm relative to client billing, and the invoices generated on a monthly basis for your client.

And, when you couple Easy TimeBill with our powerful divorce settlement software, you’ll quickly learn just how easy it is to produce everything from invoices to divorce settlement proposals with the numbers that win.

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