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Think divorce has to be as tense for lawyers as it is for clients?

Let Easysoft help you rethink your answer.

When you use Easysoft’s Divorce Financials software, you gain the tools you need to make your winning argument for your client present itself as a logical, win-win resolution.

How can a divorce settlement proposal look like anything other than a bunny rabbit with one ear?

When a divorce settlement presentation is made that looks as professional as you present yourself to the court, your written papers take on an air of increased credibility.  When you’ve worked hard with your client to put together the biographical, budget, income, and asset and liability data, let our software help you present divorce settlement proposals in well laid-out presentation format.

Easysoft divorce financial software contains numerous pre-loaded reports that are created with the click of a mouse to reflect the information you input.  Reports already in our divorce software include alimony comparisons, child support calculations, asset and liability distribution, pension valuation, and lifestyle analysis.

As one example, when lawyers write up divorce settlement proposals that involve alimony, they tends to show just one figure, less than the best figure, more than the minimum client-authorized figure.  While the lawyer’s own analysis might have included a range of figures for divorce settlement, that’s not how it is presented to the opposing counsel.

Consider the option Easysoft gives you when you use our divorce settlement software, which is to use our pre-loaded reports to show the range of alimony possibilities.  The upper range figure might be the one you’ll request a trial and for which you believe you have a factual basis.  The lower range figure might still be above your client-authorized minimum.  And in between could be up to three, additional figures.  This 5-column alimony comparison chart could be presented to the opposing counsel as a menu of options for divorce settlement.  In other words, no alimony is not an option – these five figures are your range of settlement options.

With Easysoft Divorce Financials, you can also show the opposing party how each of these alimony figures would be reduced by income tax deductibility (payor) or income taxability (payee).  Our divorce financial software even includes tax-optimized reports to reflect the projected income tax impacts of the parties to the case, based upon expected earnings and federal and state tax tables.

While divorce is an adversarial process by definition, our Easysoft divorce settlement product comes complete with the opportunity to relieve the stress commonly associated with negotiations.

Easysoft.  Our name says it all, even when it’s used in a divorce settlement.

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