Why Do We Have Our Head In The Clouds?

Cloud computing is a major business buzzword today, even though many of the people using it don’t really know what it means. We offer cloud versions all of our law office management software, but you may be asking a simple question: why are we doing it?

We considered cloud versions of Easysoft legal software programs such as Easy TimeBill for quite some time before committing to the idea. We are well known for producing some of the best legal software around and we didn’t want to jeopardize that reputation based on some vaguely-understood new technology. In the end we realized cloud computing would give us, and by extension our customers, three big benefits.

First, it gives us better control over our law practice management software. Our cloud clients are always using the latest, most secure and most fully-featured version of our products. We can update the software as much as we need to and yet our clients don’t have to worry about applying patches or whether or not some background process will interfere with software.

Second, it gives our customers better data security. The data from our cloud users are stored in professionally-managed data centers that are able to deploy a level of protection that most legal practices wouldn’t be able to afford. The data is backed up nightly so customers can be sure their information is safe even in the event of major disaster.

Finally, it allows us to offer our legal software programs to a broader audience. For years we’ve had people asking why we don’t offer versions for Mac OS or Linux. Although we’ve looked into converting our products to other platforms, unfortunately we’ve found it wouldn’t be cost effective to support multiple operating systems. However with cloud computing, you can use any operating system since our applications are all based on the internet. You aren’t actually running them; we are.

This allows us to offer law office management software that works on tablets. Tablets are cool, but really don’t have much computing power compared to desktops and laptops. However to access cloud versions of our products, you just need a device that can connect to the internet. Imagine a real estate agent completing HUD forms and then emailing a copy of the form to the client, all while sitting at the client’s dining room table. With cloud computing, you can do that.

Does this mean we are abandoning the desktop? Absolutely not. We see no reason to stop developing the best legal software for Windows computers. The two versions each fill different needs.

Contact us if you need more information on which version of our law practice management software, cloud or desktop, is right for your practice.

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