What Makes Legal Time Management Unique (Part 1 of 3)

If you’re a lawyer who bills, time is your inventory. This isn’t unique to the law, of course. But more than with any other industry, efficient legal billing systems are paramount. Why is this?

The more generic reasons for this are listed below.

REASON #1: It’s Just Good Business. Efficient billing tightens processes and introduces natural efficiencies into your business model. More than with any other industry, your legal time and billing software must be able to handle a variety of billing and fee arrangements.

For example, it should know the difference between straight and retainer hourly billing. It should also be capable of recording time by matternot simply by client. In law, ‘matter’ informs everything: from billable rates (with premiums or discounts built into certain matters) to billing frequency, to staffing and type of case. It should have an easy repository for tracking and allocating expenses such as court fees, witness fees, couriers, and travel-as soon as they are incurred.

Carefully developed with a team of seasoned lawyers and other legal experts, Easysoft’s Easy Time Bill Software does both these things and much more.

REASON #2: Time Is Money. This isn’t just true for you – but true for your client, too. Less time spent billing-and fixing complicated billing errors-isn’t just time in your pocket, its money in the pocket for your client. In one fell stroke, you can use effective legal billing software-such as Easy Time Bill-to dispel an important fiduciary duty-and spend less time on administrative matters.

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