What Makes Legal Time Management Different From the Rest (Part 2 of 3)

Yesterday, our post discussed how effective billing systems are more important for lawyers than for almost every other industry.

Today, we’ll discuss the reasons for this that are specific to the law.

REASON #3: Disputes. Legal fees come under scrutiny more than with any other industry. You can find your fees being examined for any variety of reasons, between:

  1. Parties to an action, especially when one party bears partial or all legal costs
  2. You and your client
  3. You and the ethics department of your state bar.

Ask any lawyer who’s been through it: under the bright floodlights, the pen-and-paper or crowded-spreadsheet model simply doesn’t work to substantiate your fees. But the specificity of Easysoft’s Easy Time & Billing Software will.

REASON #4: Collections. It’s been documented: legal fees are harder to collect than fees for most other industries. With fees commonly climbing into the six- and seven-figure ranges, it’s not uncommon for clients to be either unable or unwilling to pay.

The most effective attorney billing software incorporates simple invoice and payment reminders. Not only is this seamless—it adds clarity, easy of understanding, and professionalism.

Send out clear, easy-to-understand, timely bills, and your firm is more likely to receive timely payments. Send out reminders, and accounts in arrears are more likely to get paid.

Easysoft’s Easy Time Bill Software does all of this and more.

In our next post, we’ll talk about the options for various legal billing software systems.

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