Webinar: NY Family Law Practice Automation

For divorce cases, New York family law firms need to juggle common divorce forms, net worth statements and support worksheets. The 2010 changes in Domestic Relations Law added another level of complexity with the introduction of temporary maintenance.

Performing these tasks manually or with hodge-podge of systems puts your firm and your client at a strategic disadvantage. Fortunately, using simple technology can help you streamline almost all aspects of your divorce practice.

NY Family Law Practice Automation – 60-Min Free Webinar

Attend Easysoft’s New York Family Law Practice Automation webinar. The hands-on webinar will show you how you can:

  • Enter client data only once on a streamlined form.
  • Generate common divorce forms such as summons, affidavits and support orders with data already entered. Click here for a list of automated forms.
  • Systematically produce child support and spousal maintenance worksheets.
  • Prepare and compare multiple support worksheet scenarios (e.g. different incomes or deductions).
  • Fully automate Statement of Net Worth. You can even add an unlimited number of income, expense, assets and debts items with fully automatic calculations.
  • Track time spent on case file for billing purposes.

Choose from two convenient free webinars for you and your staff.

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If you aren’t able to attend either of these events, we invite you to download and try EzSupport-NY software program. Within minutes, you will learn how to boost productivity, lower your costs and give your clients a competitive advantage.

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