Using Software In The Mediation Process

When divorce negotiations become bogged down in arguments, family law attorneys turn to mediation in the hopes of striking a deal without ending up in court — or sometimes as a result of ending up in court. Family attorney software like Divorce Financials is a valuable tool in the mediation process.

Reasons For Mediation

Many couples are able to hammer out an agreement with the help of their attorneys. Unfortunately there are three situations where third-party mediation may be necessary:

  • The Spouse Is A Jerk – Divorce brings out the worst in people. Some spouses will dig in their feet over trivial matters, or refuse to participate in negotiation at all. Nobody is talking and the process is stalled. A mediator often can zero in on the important issues even if the spouse is being difficult.
  • The Opposing Attorney Is A Jerk – Your learned opponent may be not-so-learned. New family law attorneys, or attorneys who specialize in other types of law but are taking a divorce case for a friend or favored client, don’t understand the reality of divorce negotiations. A mediator can be a voice of reason that makes the spouse listen.
  • Your Client Is A Jerk – Any family law attorney eventually runs into the utterly unreasonable client. These people are so blinded by a need for vengeance that they are willing to devastate their joint assets in frivolous legal actions, even against your advice. Again a mediator can be a voice of reason.

How Divorce Financial Software Helps

Family law attorneys use Divorce Financials not only to prepare settlements quickly but to document the reasons for the settlement. If anyone involved objects to a proposal, the attorney can show the mediator the numbers behind the offer, demonstrating that the solution is equitable and fair. The objectivity of software can bolster an attorney’s position.

Divorce settlement software allows an attorney to quickly evaluate counter-offers from the other attorney or from the mediator. The financial implications of property divisions or support agreements can be calculated within minutes, allowing mediation to continue rather than adjourning for another day. Attorneys can reach agreements faster because all of the analysis takes place right at the negotiation table.

You represent your client more effectively when you have the right tools. Like all Easysoft products, Divorce Financials is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee so you can check out the full version without risk. Try Divorce Financials today.

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