Total Real Estate Closing Automation – A Webinar for Law Firms – Oct 19 (2:00-3:00 PM ET)

A real estate settlement is a transactional activity that follows a similar process from one closing to another. With today’s computer software tools, you can automate repetitive steps, which in turn minimizes re-working closing documents. Automating real estate closings is important for fixed price real estate practices and can dramatically minimize your workload.

Using Easy HUD and Easy Trust software programs, this webinar will demonstrate how to:

  • Enter case data in an organized manner
  • Generate correspondence letters, documents and state forms from a common set of previously entered data.
  • Produce RESPA compliant, fully balanced HUD Settlement Statements.
  • Generate closing ledger and disbursements, all in a single click.
  • Fulfill 1099-S reporting requirements and show automation options.
  • Fulfill trust accounting requirements and how to transfer a closing ledger to Easy Trust.
  • Prepare trust bank reconciliations and three-way reconciliation reports in a timely manner.

Register for this interactive webinar and learn how you can automate various steps in your own real estate closing process. Enroll now and reserve your seat for the next webinar.

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