Top Ten Divorce Settlement Techniques

Family law isn’t the easiest practice in the world. You’ve often got sniping parties and clients who often take things personally. Very personally.

That’s why we’re proud of our Divorce Financials Software. This leading family law software doesn’t make divorce settlements pain-free, but it does facilitate options and planning, so that you can lessen the sting of hurt feelings with quick, viable solutions. You can literally save the day (or decade).

That’s why we put together a list of the top-10 divorce settlement techniques. These are designed to get you—and your client—to a speedy settlement that both sides can live with. We’ll be spending the next few weeks getting you up to speed on how you can tackle these topics in a systematic manner:

The blog posts will follow. But here’s a preview:

  1. Always start with available "cash."
  2. Always work backwards from need (or "budget").
  3. Disregard absolute numbers (settlement amounts)—in favor or "Net Disposable Income."
  4. Perform an Alimony v. Child Support calculation—for tax purposes.
  5. Always perform a present value calculation for a Lump-Sum Settlement.
  6. Calculate your Alimony Recapture figures.
  7. Consider pension (if any) settlement options.
  8. Equitable Distribution Techniques.
  9. Lifestyle Analysis.
  10. Put it all together—so that you protect yourself, and earn your clients’ adoration.

Check back in a few days for #1.

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