Tools For The Novice New Jersey Family Law Attorney

Attorneys fresh from law school may go work in a big law firm for a while to get some experience but they may also go start a solo practice, either by design or because none of the law firms are hiring. They quickly discover that real law practice is very different than law school. For those bold new lawyers that decide to open a solo family law practice in New Jersey, help is available from Easysoft’s specialized NJ matrimonial software. Here are some pointers from the industry to help new divorce lawyers gain knowledge and efficiency and at the bottom of this article is a link to many of our best family law webinars for legal professionals.

Learn The Case Information Statement

The New Jersey Case Information Statement, usually referred to as the CIS, is one of the core documents utilized in New Jersey divorces. It can be overwhelming to new attorneys to know how to apply so many scenarios and explain to clients how to properly complete their information. Our software helps both attorneys and their clients work together seamlessly to complete the CIS via our New Jersey Family Law software for legal professionals and the feature within the software called the Client Intake Portal. Our New Jersey divorce and child support software takes attorneys, paralegals, and the clients they represent through the documents with an easy and intuitive interface for entering information. Legal professionals and their clients can easily jump from section to section, coming back to add information later and for the lawyer and paralegal side, these entries and updates will occur without needing to recalculate the figures or mark out old entries. Easysoft’s legal software for NJ Family Law streamlines the information collection process by automating the calculations and allowing the client, rather than the attorney, to enter the information in a controlled and guided manner.

Learn New Jersey Law

We definitely are not saying that the New Jersey CIS is a substitute for a law degree, but it can help you remember the specific details of New Jersey divorce and child support law. Our matrimonial and child support software for New Jersey automatically calculates support according to NJ regulations, includes common government forms and calculates taxes according to the latest available tax tables. Think of it as a personal assistant that is up on the most recent New Jersey divorce statutes and can whisper in your ear when you seem to be making a mistake. This software helps new family law attorneys, like you, work efficiently with error-free and compliant NJ calculations.

Calculate Settlements & Support

Divorces are rarely simple and guiding clients through them can be a challenge. Every case is different and the marital web of asset & liability distribution, lifestyle expenditure analysis, spousal support (alimony), custody and parenting time, and child support payment agreements can become quite overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Child support can change dramatically with small modifications to custody agreements. Software for divorce attorneys, like Easysoft Family Law - New Jersey, makes all of these calculations easy so legal staff, both new and experienced, can focus on the law rather than the math.

Tax Optimization

One of the ways experienced family law attorneys differ from new ones is their understanding of how different aspects of property settlement agreements may affect taxes. They can create deals that on the surface seem exactly the same but actually end up saving both parties money by lowering taxes. Easysoft’s divorce software for NJ attorneys includes quick-calculators for multiple scenarios with child support, alimony buyout and recapture, and pension valuation to allow attorneys to create tax optimized settlements.

New attorneys often want minimal office expenses until they get their practices going, and Easysoft’s New Jersey CIS and Divorce solution is the one software tool all New Jersey family law attorneys need. Not convinced? Schedule a demo, take advantage of our FREE 7-day trial, and find out how much easier divorce settlement can be with Easysoft.

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