Tips for Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

Collaborative divorces can be easier than traditional divorces on all concerned, from the kids to the attorneys. New Jersey family law attorneys shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that a collaborative divorce needs any less paperwork. The Case Information Statement NJ divorces require becomes even more important as it acts as the basis for all settlement negotiations.

Collaborative Doesn’t Mean Easy

Collaborative divorces frequently involve children. It’s out of respect for the kids that parents try to separate as cleanly and civilly as possible. However let’s be honest — if the couple was always able to work out their differences then they wouldn’t be getting divorced. Collaborative divorces can and do turn nasty, at which point the attorneys have to withdraw and leave the couple to engage traditional divorce attorneys.

One way to avoid some of the arguments is to reduce the negotiations to simple numbers games. If the attorney can offer the couple multiple support scenarios then they are more likely to find an agreement that satisfies them both and is, of course, in the best interest of the children. An attorney who can’t quickly analyze a support offer and provide objective advice is leaving the couple the opportunity to descend into an argument that could derail the process.

CIS Software Provides the Tools Needed

New Jersey collaborative divorce law firms use CIS by Easysoft to create and evaluate a host of support scenarios. They can analyze not only different support amounts but easily flip custodial and non-custodial parents to create fast split parenting analyses. CIS integrates with Divorce Financials, which adds the ability to create tax optimized settlements that are better for both parties.

The spouses can use CIS AutoFill, Easysoft’s secure online data entry portal, to enter and view financial information. Having a central cloud application allows the couple to easily work together on the numbers without having to meet in person — and that can cut down on the chance of fights.

Not all collaborative divorces work out, but the more tools and analysis provided by a collaborative divorce firm, the more likely the couple will be able to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement. Take advantage of CIS, Easysoft’s dedicated NJ family law software, to give your clients the best opportunity to settle their divorce and go their separate ways in peace. Find out more about how CIS can benefit your NJ family law practice.

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