Tips For Avoiding Court In New Jersey Divorce Cases

Family law attorneys rarely argue their cases before a judge. The New Jersey court system strongly encourages divorcing couples to seek out custody and economic mediation and the Early Settlement Panel before taking the case to a judge. Court time increases the cost of the divorce, drags out the process and traumatizes any children involved. NJ divorce software is an important tool for attorneys seeking out of court settlement.

What is a fair settlement?

“Fair” is a tricky word in divorce cases. Each side has a very different idea of what is a fair settlement. In an effort to remove the emotion from the discussion, many states use formulas to determine alimony and child support. New Jerseyis not a formula state at the moment, but attorneys can still use Case Information Statement software to create an objective analysis of the couple’s assets, income and expenses. Lawyers on each side can prepare multiple scenarios, giving them options at the negotiation table.

Custody and child support

Custody and child support complicate the situation. The children sometimes end up being little more than possessions the couple argues over. The children even have monetary value, in that whoever gets the kids also gets child support. Attorneys have to be able to present different options on spousal and child support since each has differing tax implications, and New Jersey family law software allows them to do that.

Mediation On The Go

Mediation isn’t going to take place in the attorney’s office. Instead the counsels will meet in a neutral setting. This doesn’t have to mean a lawyer no longer has access to case files located on the firm’s computer network. Cloud-based divorce software for attorneys allows the lawyer to have full access to all the information on the case from any computer including an iPad, from any place there is an internet connection.

Lawyers can’t predict how a judge will rule so court is seen as a last resort. Family law attorneys who take advantage of the latest law practice management software will have an edge over rival counselors who are still mired in outdated technology. Try Easysoft’s line of divorce software to give your clients the best chance at a fair settlement.

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