The Trip To The Cloud Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

We have loyal Easy TimeBill customers who’ve been with Easysoft for many years. They’ve used our attorney time and billing software from version to version. Nowadays when it’s time to upgrade the software or renew a license they can choose to continue using the desktop version or to convert to the cloud version, but some are hesitant to move away from the traditional desktop software. We can assure you the transition to cloud software is easy.

We’ve posted about security before but it bears repeating: the cloud version of our legal practice billing software is as safe as or even safer than the desktop version. Data security is important in any industry but nowhere as much as in legal practice. Sensitive client files are stored in state-of-the-art datacenters protected against unauthorized intrusion by the latest data security technologies.

However sometimes resistance to change isn’t due to big things like security. It’s due to little things like familiarity. Attorneys who have used the same law office software for years don’t want to change to something new. They know how to use it. They know where all the buttons are, what all the menu options do, which data field is which. Learning new software takes time and increase the chance of making errors.

That isn’t a concern when converting to our cloud software. Put the desktop and cloud versions of Easysoft legal billing and accounting software side by side and they look identical. The differences are inside, “under the hood” so to speak. A firm could switch the entire office over to the cloud version without telling people and odds are nobody would even realize there had been a change. The only real difference is the computer need to have an internet connection to use the cloud version but what computer doesn’t?

Not only is switching over seamless but it’s actually even easier than running the desktop version. We ensure the software is always up to date so our cloud customers don’t have to worry about downloading and installing new versions. Since attorneys can use the cloud version from tablets as well as desktops, they are no longer chained to their desks or even their laptops. That flexibility is important in today’s fast-paced world.

Some people prefer desktop time and billing software and that’s fine with us. We maintain and support both versions to give our customers choice. However, if you’re ready to try something new, then contact Easysoft at 800-905-7638 to start your trip into the clouds.

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