The New CIS Includes Optional Family Docs Module

Great news. Along with the release of CIS 2.2B, Easysoft’s latest New Jersey family law software, New Jersey divorce lawyers and family law firms can license FamilyDocs. That’s over 130 New Jersey Family Law Forms published by New Jersey ICLE- built into the CIS program for a nominal licensing fees.

What this means: You can now generate your forms from a common set of data automatically-without the need for laborious data transfer from program to program or manual copy-paste from one file to another file. If you need to track data or make corrections, you won’t need to hunt for it in multiple locations. You simply enter the plaintiff’s, defendant’s, children’s, and financial information just once -and it’s populated throughout this streamlined family law software: accurately, completely, and cleanly.

Along with this addition to CIS, you can also customize any form, and add unlimited numbers of your own forms. Existing forms include practice-related topics such as high-quality retainer agreements, and court forms such as complaints, pleadings, orders, etc. The forms come pre-populated to the extent possible—meaning that they pretty much fill themselves out.

Your entire practice group can use a single set of standardized forms-eliminating work duplication and errors, and increasing consistency.

You can view merged documents on-screen, and make any needed changes directly.

You can also save all of your prepared documents within the same CIS file. You can also save prepared forms as PDF or Word files, and email them directly from the program.

Finally, the forms come with a built-in editor and spell checker-eliminating the need for external word processing software.

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