The Most Important Purchase When Starting A New Law Firm

Many attorneys dream of leaving the stress of large law firms, hoping to have greater control of their destinies by starting a solo or small law practice. However one of the biggest obstacles is money. It’s going to cost thousands or even tens of thousands to go out on your own, and it may be years before you make that money back.

You can cut those startup costs by realizing many of those amenities you had at the big practice aren’t so much necessities as they are just really, really nice to have. Believe it or not, that expensive leather chair with the lumbar support and neck massager isn’t actually critical to a successful law practice. However, be careful. Although you should be willing to cut out unnecessary luxuries, don’t make the mistake of skipping vital purchases like billing software for lawyers.

Now at this point you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Yeah, right, the software company says software is important.” OK we are a little biased but we genuinely believe that high quality legal billing and accounting software is going to save you money in the long run.

Yes, you can keep your books with a pencil and a spiral notebook, but is that a good idea? Manual methods are slow and error-prone. Who’s going to be wasting hours on bookkeeping? You. Who wants to pay an attorney to be a bookkeeper? By using dedicated lawyer billing software the computer does the hard work and you don’t have to waste time that would be better spent working on cases and finding new clients.

We recommend looking at the cloud versions of our time and billing software for lawyers. The low monthly fee is often easier for new firms to afford than the cost of a desktop software package. Of course the advantage of the desktop version is you pay once and then use it forever, so either is a great choice for a new practice.

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