The Latest Improvements to Easy HUD software

Easysoft’s popular HUD software has been simplified. The newest version is Easy HUD 5.0, and it makes your life and—your practice—even easier than before.

In our last post, we talked about the addition of several major features, including the creation of separate buyer and seller transactions sheets (as part of our Advanced Printing Module). Customers like you can now present a simplified view of the HUD settlement statement to your clients—in a way that helps them understand their obligations.

Today, our post is about an improvement we’re over the moon about: the simplification of the good faith estimate (GFE) comparison section of the software.

What had been: the GFE and HUD columns were in a different order than on the printed forms. Now, they’re in the same order—to minimize confusion, and make comparisons even easier than before!

What’s more, there’s a simpler new grid that displays four comparison brackets on a unified screen to enable at-a-glance reviewing. Related to this, the “simplified GFE view” captures POC amounts, GFE amounts, and the various tolerances for error. The lines on this chart are sorted by GFE reference number. You need to make sure that your numbers are within the tolerances—or lender will be liable for reimbursement to the borrower for excess charges.

Finally, the GFE-HUD worksheet can now be printed for your internal review.

We’re thrilled to announce these changes. Our drive to continue simplifying your real estate practice has helped us to make this one of the most popular real estate closing software products on the market today.

To learn more about our HUD settlement statement software, call us at 800 905 7638.

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