The Indecisive Support Recipient

“I don’t know what I want – you tell me.”

How many times do divorce attorneys hear these words spoken by clients when what the client really means is: “Get me everything you can, and then some.”

So how do you help your client make a decision on child support and alimony, so that you’ll have the authorization you need to start settlement negotiations and make presentations to the court?

The answer to this client problem is as simple as using the Easysoft “Divorce Financials Software” to show your client the most strategic child support calculation and alimony calculation.  Using this divorce settlement program, you can put your client in the position to set the child support and alimony goals for the case.

Using Easysoft’s divorce settlement program couldn’t be easier. Start with the input of basic financial information about each party’s income, tax filing status, state of residency, and children qualified as dependency/exemptions.  Divorce Financials Software already contains all federal and state income tax tables to save your client the expense of having you look up that information and performing those calculations by hand.

Your next step is probably going to be the child support calculation and the alimony calculation as per the guidelines in the state of the divorce.  For NJ residents, Easysoft’s “Case Information Program” will perform support calculations for you and seamlessly integrate them into the divorce settlement program.  Easysoft also offers NY child support calculators and NY alimony calculators, PA child support calculators and PA alimony calculators, and AZ child support calculators and AZ alimony calculators.  Support figures can be manually entered for any state.

Next, input up to five, different child support calculations and alimony calculations for comparison purposes.  For example, you might choose to increase alimony in $2,000 increments and/or decrease child support in corresponding increments.

Then, with one click of a button, Easysoft’s Divorce Financials Software produces easy-to-read charts, with side-by-side columns, so that your client can understand the effective budget in up to five, different support scenarios.  This software even shows you the after-tax value of alimony payments to the recipient.

You can even print and/or e-mail these charts from Divorce Financials Software to share with your client.

You’re going to find that indecisive client isn’t so indecisive any more.

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