The Argument behind Switching Law office software

So you like Easysoft’s easy, all-inclusive software, but you’re not sure if you are ready to invest in them.

Perhaps you don’t want to change software. Change is associated with fear and the unknown. It’s perceived as time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful.

But the costs of not changing your legal software can often be prohibitive.

It’s a classic cost-benefit analysis. Simply weigh the ‘difficulty’ of transferring software against the following questions.

  • Would the new software deliver better service to your clients?
  • Would the new software solve internal frustrations that are costing you time and money?
  • Would the new software increase your profit and/or bottom line?

If the answer to all three questions is no, then it makes sense to keep the software you have.

But if the answer to any one of the above three questions is yes, then it makes sense to change your software today.

Typically, law practice management software easily costs hundreds of dollars for procurement, and several hundred more for training and support.

For most of our software packages, our annual fees are under $300. All Easysoft software includes training, technical support, ongoing educational support, frequent software updates and improvements, certain practice customizations, and personalized service.

With no limitations.

That is our level of commitment to our customers.

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