Take Note Of The Importance Of Endnotes

You don’t work on one case at a time and it is easy to lose track of the details of each matter. You get confused about the specifics of the Jones case vs. the Smith case (or worse, the Jones case vs. The-Other-Jones case). How can you ensure the accuracy of figures on the Case Information Statement NJ divorces require?

The Old Days: Handwritten Notes

It wasn’t that long ago that family law attorneys filled out the NJ CIS by hand. An attorney would have a file for each case that contained the CIS as well as all the documentation to back up the numbers on the form. Sticky notes made it easy to keep track of all the details and the attorney could quickly cross-reference a field on the CIS with the documentation that supported it. The notes could be easily removed when the client or judge or other party needed to see the form.

However notes are clumsy and sometimes hard to understand — you know you are in trouble when even you can’t read your handwriting. Sticky notes are convenient but also come off easily, leaving you with a flutter of little yellow papers like leaves in the fall. Today most attorneys complete the CIS electronically and what are you going to do, past the notes to your computer screen?

The Modern Way: Electronic Endnotes

CIS, Easysoft’s NJ family law software, includes a built-in endnotes function that makes it easy to add all the documentation you need. Virtually every field on the electronic CIS has an endnote, allowing you to add relevant details wherever you need to. The notes can either be printed sequentially on a separate sheet when the CIS is printed, or not printed at all if this is a copy that is not for your personal use.

CIS endnotes help you stay on top of all of your divorce cases. No matter how many clients you have, a few minutes reviewing endnotes will bring the details of the case fresh to your mind. If the judge or opposing counsel questions any figure, you can check your notes to find documentation or additional information about the values you report.

CIS is more than simply a utility for filling out a form. It contains a host of helpful utilities such as endnotes, a tax calculator and easy worksheet comparison. Try CIS for free and get your divorce cases organized.

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