Striking While The Iron Is Hot: Don’t Let Divorce Settlements Get Away

Every lawyer has heard the old saw: an oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It is frustrating to sit down to discuss a divorce settlement, hammer out a deal, and then have one of the parties back out later because you didn’t get it in writing immediately. Mobile divorce legal software like Divorce Financials gives you the chance to document an agreement right away.

Doing The Paperwork

Mobility is a critical advantage during divorce negotiations. Having access to the proper tools at all times lets you analyze a proposal or prepare new offers on the fly. Conditions can change quickly during a negotiation or mediation and you need to be ready to act. You can’t adjourn every time you need to run back to the office and crunch the numbers on the latest offer.

When you can prepare divorce and financial settlements right at the negotiation table you can not only get a deal but you can document it. Even if you don’t write down every detail, just getting down the basic outline of the agreement and getting the other party to sign off on it will go a long way to securing the offer. It’s harder for anyone — attorney or client — to change their minds later.

When You Want To Wait

Having said that, there may be times you don’t want to document an agreement. You don’t want to be in such a hurry to get everything down on paper that you leave out important details. And, of course, you don’t want your client to agree to a terrible settlement just out of exhaustion or confusion.

Divorce financials software gives you control over the negotiation process. You have the option of analyzing and documenting an agreement right away but you also can choose to wait and let everyone think about it. This means people may change their minds, but sometimes that’s what you want. The fact is even the divorce attorneys can be in such a rush to close a case that they agree to something unfavorable, only to regret their decision with hindsight.

The key to good negotiation is flexibility. Divorce Financials by Easysoft gives you that flexibility by providing the analysis tools you need to prepare and examine alimony, asset distribution an tax implications. Contact us to find out how Divorce Financials helps you help your clients and secure better divorce settlements.

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