Stay Cool with your Best Clients this Summer & Offer Them a Credit Card Option

Last February, we rolled out a crown jewel in our legal office billing software : the Payment Acceptance Plan, or merchant accounts for law firms. These are payment processing services designed specifically for lawyers like you-and developed to work in conjunction with both our law firm billing software and trust accounting software.

Our goal? To expedite your accounts receivables—and provide an easy-to-use merchant processing service that works effortlessly with your law practice.

Payment Acceptance Plan can help you set up secure payments to your operating account. It can also integrate payments to your escrow and trust accounts.

Everything is designed to work as a single, streamlined piece—and to comply with a lawyer’s stringent rules of professional conduct for every state in which we do business .

Beyond these special features, Payment Acceptance Plan is as process-efficient as the best credit card payment solutions. It offers:

  • Flawless Processing.
  • “Real Time” Reporting. Use your desktop or laptop to accept credit or debit card payments, and reap the benefits of “real-time” electronic reporting for optimal accounting reconciliation.
  • Low Fees . To prove it to you, we’ll give you a free audit. All you need to do is fax your contact information and your latest credit card processing statement to 877-439-7638 (include a fax cover sheet). We’ll do a quick analysis, and get back to you with estimated savings-and then you can decide for yourself.

What’s more, you provide a service to your clients that allows them to pay your bills-and remain a client- without dipping into their investments or savings.

Put law-specific payment technology to work for your law firm today. We look forward to helping you boost your cash flow, cut down on outstanding receivables, e liminate efforts to collect on bills-and compromise a good relationship with clients who might be a little late paying their bills.

To learn more about our merchant account services, call Easysoft at 800 905 7638.

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