Starting A Solo Law Practice? You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

Experienced attorneys advise law school students who want to form solo practices right after graduation that it’s best to work for a large law firm first. This allows new attorneys to learn the ins and outs of the business of practicing law and the realities of handling clients, filing documents and going to court before forming a solo practice.

After a few years in a large practice an attorney may find that the benefits are hard to leave behind. The security, large client list and technology access can be so appealing the lawyer decides to stay. However you should know that even a small firm can afford the kind of law practice management software tools that used to be available only major practices.

Powerful and affordable attorney time and billing software such as Easy TimeBill is easily available to the solo attorney on a limited budget. You don’t need to leave behind the ability to track your time, print professional invoices and track client account balances. In fact this kind of software is even more important to the solo practice than a large firm since you don’t have a bookkeeper handling the accounts for you.

Time and billing software for lawyers does more than just act as a glorified calculator. Features such as the built-in conflict checking system protect you from putting hours into a case only to realize you have a conflict of interest. Productivity tools such as a calendar and document tracking keep you on top of all aspects of a case regardless of the type of law you practice.

Easy TimeBill includes the escrow software features needed by law practices. Track all the funds belonging to each matter separately even if they are deposited in the same trust account. Ensure you never accidental spend Client A’s money on Client B’s expense. Generate three-way reconciliations required by most states.

If you are in real estate law or family practice, then we have other product that work with our legal billing and accounting software to provide additional support. It is like having a team of professionals working for you. Contact us to find out more about how our products help all law offices, from solo practices to multinational firms, automate and simplify their work.

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