Spend Time with Your Real Estate Client, Not Your Real Estate Document Software

Busy, busy, busy.  It’s spring and real estate attorneys are busy.

The question for any real estate attorney is how much time to spend with pieces of paper and how much time to spend with the client.  When the matter is fixed fee, like a house closing, having time to both prepare real estate forms and prepare your client can feel like a losing battle against the clock.

You need Easysoft’s real estate document software.  Our real estate closing software includes every form you need for closing, including deeds, affidavits of title, and even real estate document management checklists.

Our real estate document software is designed for you to enter the essential information only once, while the program automatically populates all corresponding fields of the pre-loaded real estate forms.  Instead of having to fill in each form manually, typing names, addresses, and other buyer and seller information, just type that data once into a central screen and let Easysoft do the rest.

Another way our real estate document software saves you document preparation time is the automated calculations for all of the taxes associated with the purchase or sale, along with other closing costs.  And, if you reschedule the closing, Easysoft’s real estate document software will automatically make all necessary adjustments to the figures.

If you’re interested in saving even more time with computer interface so that you can spend more time in client face-to-face, why not pair our real estate document software with our Easy HUD software?  Adding our HUD software to your computer means that you can produce RESPA-compliant HUD settlement statements with an ease that will put a spring in your step.

The one additional suggestion for automation efficiency is to add a third product, our attorney trust accounting software?  Easysoft’s trust accounting software allows you to quickly and correctly manage all client funds related to real estate closings, including balancing funds in escrow, writing checks to realtors through water authorities, and offers reports ready to share with your client at the click of a mouse.  We even offer software-compatible checks on our website as part of our product offerings.

These three products together will make handling real estate closings so easy that you’ll have time to drink a cup of coffee with your clients.

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