Spend Less Time On Real Estate Closings With Integrated Task Tracking

Real estate closings involve a lot of individual steps, each of which must be completed before the closing can go through. There are far too many components to remember or to trust to scribbled notes on a piece of paper. If any task is overlooked, it can set back the entire closing schedule or even jeopardize the sale. This is why Easy HUD includes integrated task tracking.

Click on the Tasks/LinkedDocs tab to reach the task tracker. This section also gives you access to other useful tools such as case notes, linked documents and the calendar. Each case is automatically assigned a copy of the default task list, which already includes common steps such as scheduling an inspection and reviewing the HUD 1. The agent can assign tasks to the appropriate people, give each a priority and a due date, and add detailed notes about each step in the process. Tasks are checked off as completed. A complete report can be produced for easy reference and, as with all of our law office management software, the report can be printed or can be saved in PDF or RTF format to be emailed to a client or other party.

Of course every case is different so legal software programs such as Easysoft’s real estate application includes the ability to customize records to fit the client. Tasks can be modified, added or deleted with the click of a mouse even after closing procedures have started. Information such as the seller’s name and the property address are automatically pulled from the HUD 1 and added to the task report.

Your agency probably does things a little differently from other agencies. Now it’s great that you can customize the task list for each case, but it can be tedious if you are making the same changes every time. This is why Easy HUD allows you to modify the default task lists. On the top menu select “Tools/Case Management” to bring up the Case Management screen. At the bottom of the list to the left you’ll see “Purchase Task List” and “Refinance Task List”. Click on either to make changes to the default task list that reflect your office’s procedures. Each new HUD-1 form you open in the future will automatically use this modified task list.

We think you’ll be surprised at how much easier closing is with customized task lists. The fact you can access the list right from the same application where you fill out the HUD-1 form makes it so convenient you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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