Should New York Family Law Attorneys Use Cloud Software?

It seems like you can’t go five minutes nowadays without hearing about the cloud. It’s the favorite buzzword among technology pundits. Easysoft offers both cloud and desktop versions of our NY family law software, EzSupport-NY so which is right for you? The short answer is: it depends.

Cloud Advantages

We really like the benefits of the cloud and have been actively exploring how to leverage this exciting technology for our customers. Here are a few reasons to use the cloud version of EzSupport-NY:

No Installation Or Maintenance – We handle the technical side. All you have to do is log in and start using it. Unprecedented Mobility – It’s hard to operate a family law practice when chained to your desk. Fill out and access the NY Statement of Net Worth for your clients from anywhere you have an internet connection. Any Hardware Or Operating System – You don’t have to be locked into Windows or a particular type of computer. Access from any device including desktops, laptops, Macs, or even tablets like the iPad. Automatic Backup – Your data is not only safer in our professionally-managed datacenters than it is in your own office, but it is also backed up regularly so you know the information will always be there. The cloud sounds great, doesn’t it? However we continue to maintain our desktop versions because sometimes the cloud isn’t the right choice.

Desktop Advantages

For all the benefits of cloud-based NY divorce software, there are a couple of reasons to stick with tried-and-true desktop/laptop solutions:

No Internet Required – Although you can use cloud software from anywhere with internet access, what if you have no internet access? A computer running traditional software still works even if you are in a location with no Wi-Fi, or if your office internet is unreliable.

Lower Long Term Cost – You pay a flat fee for the desktop version and then you can use it forever. Over time this will be cheaper than the monthly fees associated with cloud software. Of course you don’t get ongoing maintenance but that might be an acceptable tradeoff.

Still confused? Contact us and one of our software experts will be happy to talk about your particular situation and help you decide if the desktop or cloud-based version of EzSupport-NY is the better choice for your New York family law practice.

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