Reduce Professional Liability Risk

For law firms, large and small, the first step in reducing professional liability risk involves completing a conflict of interest checklist BEFORE you enter into a new client retention agreement.

Checking for conflicts of interest is standard case management practice, but prior to the computer age, law firms used a wide assortment of complicated manual conflict checking systems.

Today, computer software makes it easy to build an integrated database that quickly identifies conflicts of interest. All you have to do is keep the database up to date with clients, former clients, relationships, witnesses, interested parties and transactions.

If your firm is still using a manual checklist to screen for conflict of interest, it’s time to have a look at what software can do for you. Easy to maintain and easy to use, a reliable conflict checker also reduces potential negligence and helps lower your professional liability insurance rates. The latest versions of Easy TimeBill and Easy Trust software programs now have a built in conflict checker.

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