Five Steps to Automate Real Estate Closings

Easysoft, we field several hundred calls each week from settlement agents pertaining to various aspects of real estate closings and HUD settlement statement preparation, using our Easy HUD software. Needless to say, our technical support calls have quadrupled since the 2010 RESPA Rule went into effect. Generally, we ask a series of questions to understand and visualize a customer’s setup before answering questions that allow us to provide specific answers.

In the course of business, I have also come to realize that real estate legal professionals and their practices are in crying need of automation. Whenever I get the opportunity, I joke with customers that real estate lawyers are often their own worst enemy because they have figured out how to complete a task in 20-minutes that should take two minutes.

Now it would be one thing if real estate was an hourly practice. As with every joke, there is some element of truth. With added RESPA complexities, it has never been a better time for real estate lawyers to focus on efficiency and automation of repetitive tasks.

Recently, I outlined specific guidelines for our customers to automate real estate closings and illustrate how they can save up to 70% of real estate closing preparation time in five easy steps. Not only can you save time, but you will also improve accuracy and boost real estate practice profits.

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