Put Your New Jersey Divorce Clients To Work!

Problem : As a divorce lawyer in New Jersey, you spend weeks chasing down your client’s information, and then double checking to make sure that all the information is entered accurately.

Solution : Those days are gone. Now, you can finally put your divorce clients to work!

Easysoft’s popular New Jersey family law software is out with its newest version, CIS 2.2B. In addition to many other new features, the program comes with the optional CIS lite module, which enables your clients to gather their own information. They then supply you with a form that gets uploaded—automatically—in all the right places.

Your data entry problem? Gone!

First, you email your client the CIS lite form (go to File -> CIS lite -> Save CIS lite as a Word document). Instruct him or her to open it in Microsoft Word, and fill it out in the convenience of his or her home or office.

Next, look for the completed form in your email inbox. Give it a quick read to make sure all the fields are complete. If there’s anything missing, let your client know.

If it looks good, import the form into CIS 2.2 B (File -> CIS lite -> Import CIS lite ).

If it’s a new client, the software prompts you for the client’s position: Plaintiff or Defendant? Click Continue, and then upload the form.

That’s it! The file’s been imported. All of your new client’s data is now in the system. Case forms such as Confidential Litigant Sheet, Case Information Statement, Insurance Certifications, etc. are nearly complete. You can start figuring out optimal NJ child support payments, maintenance, and all the rest: using our easy-to-use, uncluttered Easysoft interface.

To learn more about our entire suite of family law software, call 800-905-7638. We promise you’ll get a person on the line who can answer all of your questions.

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