Prepare Now For the CFPB 2015 Real Estate Law Changes

It’s time. The final implementation date for TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) is almost here. On October 3, 2015 current real estate closing procedures will change. After years of preparing for this change, the industry now has to implement the changes. The time to become compliant with those changes is now.

Easysoft can help you gain compliance and be ready to go on October 3, 2015. Our real estate closing software, EasyCDF, has been developed specifically to comply with the TRID requirements. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

The EasyRealEstate Suite is All You Need to Meet TRID Requirements

The new TRID regulations bring a lot of changes. There are changes in forms, terminology, timing, and how data is shared and submitted, to name just a few. Each one of these changes requires a new way of doing business. Failure to comply with the changes, even if it is an innocent mistake, comes with heavy fines and penalties and can derail the entire transaction. The risks are far too great for real estate closing agents to leave any portion of the process to chance.

Fortunately, with Easysoft’s EasyRealEstate Suite, nothing is left to chance. We have updated our popular Easy HUD software and added EasyCDF to the Suite to achieve total TRID compliance. Not only will the new disclosure forms be filled in properly, the data will be submitted securely and within the required timeframes thanks to built-in safeguards.

One such safeguard is MISMO-compliance. EasyCDF has been certified by MISMO, which means it is capable of producing and accepting MISMO-based files and transmitting them securely. The software will “talk” to other MISMO-compliant systems while providing strong data security measures.

The EasyRealEstate Suite also comes with Easy Amortization and Real Estate Documents which provides you with over 200 of the most commonly used real estate forms, including state-specific forms. A built-in amortization calculator makes it easy for settlement agents to generate and edit custom amortization schedules with a few simple keystrokes.

Depending on the type of closing, you’ll need to use both Easy HUD and EasyCDF, which is why both are included in the Suite. Between the two, you’ll have all the forms you need and the ability to submit them in total compliance with TRID.

All Four Programs Are Available For One Affordable Price

As with everything we do here at Easysoft, we’ve made it easy for real estate settlement agents and attorneys to service their clients. The entire EasyRealEstate Suite is available for immediate download starting at just $69 per user per month. The Suite is available in Cloud and Desktop versions, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and unlimited live-by-phone technical support for the entirety of your subscription. Subscriptions include all four products, and subscribers can download only the products they need, but maintain access to the entire Suite with their subscription.

Easysoft is ready for TRID; now we want to make sure you are, too.

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