New York’s New Temporary Maintenance Worksheet

NJ CIS. Say it fast enough, and it sounds like ”NCIS” of ABC television fame.  It strikes us that, either way, there’s a hefty amount of paperwork involved.

NJ "CIS" refers to the NJ “Case Information Statement,” a mandatory form for all family law actions involving support, alimony, or equitable distribution, even if the divorce is uncontested.  The CIS must also be updated and resubmitted, as appropriate.  It is a document sworn to under penalties of perjury.

CIS NJ is similar to court forms adopted in other states to try to streamline information submitted by both parties and to make it easier for the court to quickly glean key information.

Because CIS NJ is a mandatory form, it is perfect for software automation by the programmers at Easysoft.  With our legal software, you fill in the core information only once, and then let our legal software automatically populate all duplicate fields, calculate details like ages and duration of marriage, and prompt you to complete missing information.

The "Case Information Statement” also requires budget information that reflects the standard of living established during the marriage and any differences that may be reflected in the current lifestyle.  When you use Easysoft’s CIS NJ, you can be assured that all fields are present from the form published by the court.  When you complete the Easysoft NJ CIS budget, it is complete.

Likewise, Easysoft’s law office software for the “Case Information System” is designed to ask you to list all of the assets and liabilities of the marriage, whether subject to distribution or not.  By using our legal software, you quickly see which fields are blank and how much work remains to be done.

In many ways, CIS NJ is like the New York Statement of Net Worth, a form with income information that is also used to calculate child support for NY.  And, in every state, submission of mandatory information like personal profile, income, assets, and liabilities is crucial for the divorce settlement.  When you use automated legal software to compile important financial information, from New Jersey to Arizona, you improve the quantity and the quality of data that you submit to the court, and that can translate into real dollars and cents for your client.

Downloads of sample NJ CIS software and all other Easysoft legal software are free.

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