New York’s New Temporary Maintenance Worksheet

A Solution for Family Law Attorneys

With the recent changes in New York Domestic Relations Law, effective October 12, 2010, determining temporary spousal maintenance is no longer a guessing game. Divorce attorneys now need to prepare a five-page worksheet (eight pages with instructions) that determines which spouse would pay maintenance and temporary maintenance amount the court is being asked to award.

New York’s Temporary maintenance formula itself is not too complicated and is based on a party’s net income (limited to $500,000/year). However, attorneys must exercise care in calculating net income (gross income less deductions). You will need to account for all income and deductions allowed, otherwise you are likely to arrive at an incorrect amount for net income, and hence the wrong temporary maintenance award.

Occasional users can fill in the required worksheets from court website

To help New York family law attorneys who regularly handle divorces, Easysoft has developed EzSupport-NY,a practice specific product that automates important aspects of New York divorce paperwork preparation, such as:

  • Automatic calculations and generation of the new temporary maintenance guidelines worksheet
  • New York Statement of Net Worth
  • Child support worksheets and common state specified divorce forms
  • Correspondence and other matrimonial litigation documents

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