New York State Bar Family Law Seminar Follow-Up

Easysoft had a chance to exhibit our EzSupport- NY software on Friday October 22nd, at the New York State Bar seminar in Long Island.

The seminar filled every seat in the house, where family law attorneys gathered to analyze and discuss the changes in New York Domestic Relations law

Effective October 12, 2010, New York residents can file for no-fault divorce. The new legislation resulted in many new forms attorneys now have to prepare for no-fault divorces, such as the new Temporary Spousal Maintenance and other updated divorce forms.

To address the changes in the law and help New York family law firms automate preparation of required paperwork, Easysoft has updated EzSupport-NY. We learned from talking with attorneys at the seminar that EzSupport-NY is a welcome solution for dealing with the new paperwork and simplifying their divorce practices.

Rick, Vice President, at Easysoft LLC, had a chance to share his thoughts with visitors at Easysoft’s exhibitor table. Rick explained, “One common failing is that many firms select a product without adequately analyzing the requirements for their family practice.” He outlined examples where law firms automate part of their work with one software program, part with another and handle other aspects manually, and end up complicating their practice management instead of helping it.

We are pleased to report that the many attorneys and paralegal’s who have seen an EzSupport-NY demonstration or have used the program were impressed with the robust, easy to use interface and are anxiously awaiting the program’s upcoming release of the New York Net Worth Statement and other divorce forms.

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