New Jersey’s Bestselling Child Support Software Gets 2011 Tax Changes

For New Jersey family law attorneys: we’ve made improvements to Case Information Statement (CIS)!

Don’t worry: you still get accurate child support calculations and worksheets (for both sole or shared parenting situations), fully customizable forms, and guidelines.

You’re still entitled to download a companion mobile app for your Smartphones and tablet computers—for free.

Our latest change? We’re unveiling CIS 2.2 with 2011 tax changes .

What this means:

  • You get a new updated combined tax table
  • The updated worksheets reflect major social security tax withholding (FICA) changes
  • We’ve made updates to the Self-Support Reserve/Poverty Guideline Amounts
  • We’ve made updates to the Shared-Parenting Primary Household Net Income Thresholds
  • We’ve incorporated all federal Circular-E changes

Caution! Almost all the support amounts are expected to go higher. 2011 tax changes 2% reduction in FICA which results into lower taxes, higher net income and thus higher support amounts.

Easysoft’s New Jersey CIS software is used throughout the state by more than 1500 law firms, state agencies (such as legal services), law schools and paralegal programs. It’s so popular that it’s become synonymous with family law—and we intend to keep it that way.

New Jersey family law attorneys choose CIS because they get all the tools they need to prepare child support worksheets and Case Information Statements in record time and in accordance with New Jersey Guidelines —all in one package.

And now, you can rest assured that all 2011 federal and state tax changes are incorporated and reflected in the program.

Easy? You bet.

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