New! ETB 4.0 Greater Ease in Legal Time and Billing

Fantastic news! We have just released Easy TimeBill 4.0.

As you know, Easysoft legal software emphasizes ease of use. Our company mission—built right into our name – is an ongoing quest to offer the ultimate in software simplicity.

Although we stand by the ease of all of our existing software, we are constantly engineering improvements which make it even more intuitive and simple to use.

Whether you’re already taking advantage of Easy TimeBill (ETB), our legal time and billing software, or whether you’re considering switching to ETB from your current program, we’re thrilled to announce ETB 4.0. Among the many, many improvements of this new module:

  • Individual tabs for your Time/Expense Cards, Invoices, and Transactions—rather than less-visible pulldown menus. What’s more, you can search each of these fields to find a particular client, matter, or bill—a powerful search capacity for the increased efficiency of all timekeepers.
  • Timekeeping abbreviations! Yes, ETB 4.0 gives you the ability to teach the software timekeeping abbreviations, such as CC (conference call), PC (phone call), or MTG (meeting).
  • The ability to print file labels directly from your Client and Matter files.
  • The ability to waive any unpaid invoice you like—through a discount function which can reduce the owed amount all the way to 0.

This is just a subset of the new improvements to our billing software for attorneys.

There’s also a host of changes to the ETB reporting system—allowing you to manipulate reports and analyze any accounting and billing concerns: at a glance. We’ll be talking about these in our next blog post.

To inquire about upgrading your current law office billing software, call us at 800-905-7638.

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