Negotiate Divorces From Strength With Portable Software

As a family law attorney you specialize in the law and not in computer technology. You may have heard about this “cloud” thing but dismissed it as something you don’t need. You may think it’s not necessary to have the latest technology in law practice management software just to represent someone in a divorce case…but you’d be wrong. A divorce is a negotiation and the stronger your position, the better the resolution you can get for your client.

First let’s start with a simple explanation of the cloud. Have you ever gone to a meeting or a court case and realized you left critical documents back at your office? This is every attorney’s nightmare. With cloud-based divorce software you have full access to all client information no matter where you are. The internet is your filing cabinet and you can easily and securely read and write information from your office, a courtroom, the judge’s chambers, a coffee shop or anywhere else.

This flexibility can be critical during a divorce property settlement negotiation. You come to the table with an offer and the opposing attorney makes a counter offer. Without full access to the client’s case you aren’t in a good position to evaluate that offer. You have to go back to your office to crunch some numbers and that gives everyone time to change their minds.

With cloud-based divorce settlement software you can judge the offer immediately and make your own adjustment to the proposal. Now the other attorney is the one at the disadvantage, struggling to assess the situation and make a decision.

Again let us emphasize that this incredibly flexible access to sensitive client information is done without risk. Easysoft’s attorney practice management software uses the latest digital security technology to ensure your information is kept safe from unauthorized access or data corruption. You look at your documents through an encrypted connection using the same technology major banks and credit cards use.

Information is power in a negotiation, and the best information access you can get is through cloud based software. Contact Easysoft to find out how our products allow you to provide the best legal service possible to your clients.

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