Meet the Smiths – Part 1:The Efficient Divorce Settlement – Family Law Software

It’s a bit like TV sitcom, isn’t it? Your job as a family law and real estate attorney. The occasional bit of drama on the high seas, but, generally, a fairly predictable story line.

Through this series of five blogs, we’ll look at your typical cases and how Easysoft can increase your productivity and profitability.

More than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and the overwhelming percentage of divorce cases end with divorce settlement . With those figures in mind, you need the divorce financial software that will streamline your case from the moment your client walks in the door.

The typical case of Smith vs. Smith involves assets and liabilities of a starter home, two cars, a 401k account, some credit card bills, and student loans. There isn’t much to fight about, so how can you turn the initial consultation into a prompt divorce settlement for your client, Mr. Smith?

Divorce settlement is all about creating a distribution of assets and liabilities that makes sense to both parties. With our divorce financial software , you can assign the distribution of assets and liabilities to each party and easily create distribution worksheets that show individual items, totals per party, and percentages per party. She wants the house and he wants the 401k. Each wants their own car. Each is going to keep their own pre-marital student loans. And, to get the divorce settlement finished, each will take fifty percent of the credit card bills.

Next, take this divorce settlement information with you everywhere you go. Our divorce financial software has an associated smart phone app that keeps you prepared at all out-of-office meetings and judicial conferences.

Our divorce financial software is designed to be easy to install and easy to use. We offer one year of free technical support with each purchase, and that technical support is for both the software program and for the smartphone app. What’s more, Easysoft products, like our divorce financial software , is so user friendly that your paralegal and secretary will also be using it in no time.

In the modern economy, you have to look for ways to cut costs associated with divorce settlements in cases like the Smiths. One way is to get your client involved, using the Easysoft client questionnaire. Another way is to use our divorce financial software to expedite your divorce settlement through automatic population of pre-loaded forms, including equitable distribution charts. And, a third way is to use our smart phone app to put you in a position to negotiate and close deals, even when you’re in the courthouse elevator.

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