Maintain Practice Security With User Permissions

If you have multiple users accessing Easy TimeBill, then you probably don’t want everyone to be able to do everything. You don’t want to give any one user more authority than necessary because that weakens the overall security of any legal billing and accounting software. You wouldn’t give every person authority to write company checks, so why give them access to the electronic equivalent?

Access the user permission dialog by selection “Tools > Setup Users” from the menu. You’ll see that one account named “Administrator” has already been created by the software. From this dialog you can add, edit or delete legal billing software accounts.

Click “Add Users” to create an account for a new employee. Enter the login ID, user name and password for the account. You can also enter a job title, though this is optional. Below this header are several check boxes that allow you to set the permissions for this worker.

Be stingy when assigning permissions in the attorney billing software. Not everyone in the practice needs to be able to print checks, for example. The fewer permissions you assign, the easier it will be to track down any security problems later. It doesn’t matter how trustworthy the employee is. Basic security theory says you don’t give a key to someone who doesn’t need to open a lock.

Billing and Bank permissions are pretty self-explanatory. If a user needs all of these permissions you can give that person “Master User” permission, which incorporates all Billing and Bank capabilities.

You can also assign Lite permissions for people who need limited access to the attorney time and billing software. Trust Lite gives read-only access to trust account information. Billing Lite allows a user to create time and expense cards only. Billing Lite users can be given additional permissions to allow them to manage matters, invoices, balances and billing reports.

Permissions are easy to add and remove if the user’s job duties change or if you realize the original permissions don’t fit the position. Click “Edit” on the user setup screen to add or remove permissions as needed. Permission changes take effect immediately.

You can delete users from the list if you want but a better option is to edit the user and click the “User Inactive” box in the lower right hand corner. That prevents an ex-employee from logging into the software but retains all records associated with that employee’s transactions.

Contact Easysoft to find out more about how the security features in our attorney practice management software protect you from theft and fraud, and guard your clients’ sensitive information.

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