Lost Hours Are Like Throwing Money in The Garbage

Are you one of those rich attorneys who lights his cigars with $100 bills? Probably not unless you live in a cartoon. Real life attorneys know better than to waste money on something that ridiculous and yet a shocking number of practices are doing exactly that by not making full use of their attorney time and billing software to maximize billable hours.

Wasted Hours

The more time you spend practicing law, the more effective you are as an attorney. Every lawyer has to deal with administrative details but you still have to make every effort to minimize the time you spend on supporting tasks or you are just an expensive legal assistant. Wrestling with outdated manual billing systems or cumbersome financial software that isn’t designed to handle the needs of the modern legal practice are examples of wasted time.

Dedicated time and billing software for lawyers like Easy TimeBill minimizes the amount of time you squander. Entering expenses and billable hours for each matter you handle is easy and intuitive. Generate invoices and late-payment reminders with the click of a button. The integrated productivity features like the to-do list and calendar help you organize your day and maximize your efficiency.

Lost Hours

Some lawyers have the luxury of doing all their work in an office but most attorneys have to be in court or other locations at least part of the day. You need to note any incurred hours and expenses in your legal billing and accounting software but that’s hard to do with traditional products. Instead you scribble notes on pieces of paper and, assuming you don’t lose them, you have to remember to enter the information into the billing system when you get back to the office.

If you use cloud-based time and billing software then you have access to your billing system from any computer and in any location that has an internet connection. Many public areas such as courthouses have public Wi-Fi, or your office might invest in a mobile plan that gives you internet access from anywhere you have cell phone coverage. With a cloud-based system you enter expenses as they occur so you won’t forget.

Lost time is lost money. Don’t use out-date or non-optimized systems to track your hours and expenses. Take advantage of the latest generation of legal practice management software to maximize your practice’s profitability.

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