January is a divorce month – can you handle the increase of family law cases?

In recent years, January has become known as a “Divorce Month.”

Research shows that the number of divorces increase by one third in January and continue to rise and peak in March.

Many people begin researching divorce options and seek legal advice in the new year. Most will wait until after the holidays as not to upset family members or ruin what is meant to be a joyous time. Some people have already made their decision to divorce before the holidays, but feel January is best time to take action.

Money is a big motivation for the surge due to many people receiving yearend bonuses that can be claimed as an asset in the divorce. Filing in the New Year also does not affect the previous year’s taxes if the couple typically files jointly.

People simply have more time to research options, consult with attorneys and ultimately go to court. Yearend reflections and new resolutions are contribute to the spike in divorces in January.

The increase in divorces in the beginning of the year means crunch time for many family law attorneys.

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