Hunting For Errors On The Case Information Statement

Completing divorce paperwork can be tedious and it’s not unusual for errors to creep in even when prepared by experienced family law attorneys. The NJ CIS is no exception and it’s easy to spend as much time trying to find a problem as you do filling the thing out in the first place. You need an unblinking set of computer eyes to spot the errors for you, eyes like those in Easysoft Legal Software’s CIS software.

Hunting The Needle In The Haystack

Filling out the Case Information Statement by hand is tedious. Tracking all the information and making the calculations takes forever, but when you are done you aren’t done. Inevitably you will make a mistake. It might be a calculation error, a transposed figure or a more serious problem like a failed PPR household income test.

Family law attorneys in New Jersey used to have to pore over these forms looking for common mistakes. Unfortunately it’s just as easy to overlook a mistake as to make one in the first place. Computers made the job of filling out the CIS easier in theory, but often in practice they simply replaced one set of problems with another. Computers are very efficient at making mistakes if the person using them lets it happen. Something like a fillable PDF form doesn’t provide the kind of error checking you need, and generic divorce software won’t know about problems specific to the New Jersey form.

Specialized NJ Family Law Software

Sure, CIS by Easysoft Legal Software makes it easy to complete paperwork for a New Jersey divorce. You can pop out a form in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand. You can also easily create lifestyle expenditure reports, asset and liability distribution reports and multiple support worksheets so you can compare different custody and support scenarios. However CIS does more.

CIS spots and highlights errors and potential problems on the form. What’s ever better is it puts all the alerts in one place. You don’t have to flip through several screens looking for errors on each one. You can see in one central location messages such as a notification that income exceeding tax/award tables. Find it quickly and fix it easily.

This ease of use is core to the development philosophy used at Easysoft Legal Software, and one of the reasons CIS is the #1 family law program in New Jersey. Buy it now and start processing divorce paperwork more quickly today!

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